Welcome to VaLUENTiS’ Business School – a global leader in providing commercially focused learning to organisations, and management professionals. The School represents a new era in the field of business education.

Located in the heart of London, our School is well situated to appeal to many managers and executives and that our value priced offerings are unbeatable set against the high quality of delivery attained. Formerly known as The International School of Human Capital Management, it is now in its ninth year and the School goes from strength to strength as an innovator in its field.

The School’s course portfolio has been expanded to include various Masters qualifications alongside our extensive executive education short programmes. The School faculty are strong advocates of the Harvard case study method of learning and as a school we have introduced our own SCART methodology/technology to enhance the experience and learning.

As business practitioners with academic backgrounds we believe that we add ‘something extra’ to bring learning alive.

Our mission is to bring real practical evidence-based knowledge to managers and organisations whether through open or customised delivery.

This message is particularly for those who have viewed other market offerings with scepticism regarding relevance or as unaffordable.

The VaLBS Corporate Solutions team , and the Admissions team can be reached on +44 (0) 20 7887 6108.

‘Business education for business people, by business people.’