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Customised Corporate programmes

Our VaLBS Corporate Solutions team partners with organisations to design and deliver programmes that meet their specific requirements. The team undertakes a due diligent approach in identifying/clarifying the objectives and outcomes targeted and develops the appropriate solution. All elements of a custom programme – from the curriculum through to in/out classroom activities, learning materials and assessment architecture is tailored to optimise the learning experience and outcomes, together with programme evaluation. Set out below is a comprehensive example of VaLBS core solution phases:

  • business case articulation/clarification
  • option to embed ‘License-To-Manage’ protocols
  • adoption of change management principles
  • baselining (measuring) current organisation situation
  • organisation and individual needs assessment process
  • learning objectives/outcomes portfolio strategy
  • integrated programme design (constructing/combining standard and/or customised modules)
  • programme delivery pilot testing/fine tuning
  • programme delivery
  • ongoing measurement and evaluation
  • post-programme analysis
  • post-programme renewal

VaLBS’ willingness to promote a collaborative working relationship with client organisations is key to achieving success. The team’s commitment to observe the organisation progress and strategic challenges contribute greatly to future-proofing further learning initiatives and longer term success.

For more information on customised programmes please contact the VaLBS Solutions Team on +44(0) 20 7887 6108, or email info@valbs.com