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Finance & accounting for managers bootcamp

Duration: 5 DaysEXEC ED FIN&ACC 14019945_m

Investment: £1995

Location: London, Pall Mall

Date: May 2018


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Profit, cost, value, investment, accountability and results are important factors for managers and directors to understand and cope with the demands of the technical and complex field of finance and accounting. However many managers lack formal training and knowledge of tools and techniques to interpret and utilise financial data. Organisations can overlook the impact the lack of technical appreciation for finance and accounting and its impact.

The Finance & Accounting for Managers Bootcamp is a practical, intense programme for managers and directors who want to increase their financial and accounting knowledge that will help give them the confidence and the credibility when making business decisions that impact on financial performance together with demanding decision-relevant information. The programme delivers a high impact experience that connects grounded, evidence-based practice with the use of Harvard organisation case studies employing our SCART methodology. Throughout the programme, you will be able to use the learned critical analysis and insight will be able to communicate effectively and confidently on financial matters within, and external to, your organisation.


  • Enrich your knowledge and experience of finance and accounting through case studies, group discussions, and practical exercises
  • Gain a professional awareness of business and market valuation and their pros and cons
  • Real-world relevance – programme content is based on relevant research and case studies of finance and accounting in various scenarios
  • Join other managers in a dynamic business forum, where dialogue and structured debate challenges, stimulates and inspires
  • Learn from leading faculty – internationally recognised as business experts
  • Return to your workplace with the skills and knowledge to change/enhance your current area of operations


  • Understanding and analysing the balance sheet, income and cashflow statements
  • Planning, budgeting and cash flow forecasting
  • Understanding, allocating and managing costs
  • Managing cash flow and working capital
  • Analysing breakeven and contribution
  • The cost of capital, its relevance to decisions and how to determine an appropriate capital structure
  • Models of valuation – DCFs, EVA, CFROI etc
  • The efficient markets hypothesis
  • Financial, customer, human capital and supply chain reporting
  • Operational measurement tools and techniques
  • The context of operating culture influence and challenges to change


  • Improved skill in analysing and interpreting financial and accounting information
  • Increased ability and understanding in financial concepts, metrics and their applications
  • Understanding of how business models translate into financial numbers
  • Ability to make better decisions, both on day-today matters and investment decisions
  • The concept of Value Based Management
  • What corporate accounts say and don’t say
  • The efficient markets hypothesis and its limitations
  • Examples of creating and destroying corporate value


Participants on the programme include:

  • Managers and directors who have little or no financial or accountancy training, and need to improve their knowledge to manage their business areas more effectively
  • Managers from all functions, organisation sizes and industry types who have, or will have, general budget responsibility
  • Managers or general managers of a business unit or part of the management team who are interested in a deeper understanding of finance and accounting in business contexts
  • Management specialists from a diverse range of backgrounds, including marketing, operations, human resources and project management

Please note: at the request of the faculty, we are unable to admit external management consultants into the program at this time.

For any question relating to the programme please contact our admissions team on 0207 887 6108 or e-mail admissions@VaLBS.com.