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Why VaLBS?

VaLUENTiS Business School (VaLBS) is located in one of the most vibrant cities in the world – London. The School makes extensive use of case-based learning in the ‘Harvard tradition’. In our opinion, case-based learning is the most effective method of learning for time-pressured executives and managers. More importantly, VaLBS cases are infused with further business knowledge and enquiry drawn from industry practice together with our innovative SCART (Streamlined Continuous Assessment in Real Time) methodology/technology.

SCART builds on techniques used in the legal and medical professions resulting in a leading approach – Advanced Multiple Choice Questioning (AMCQ). The outcome is a deeper learning experience and knowledge application together with more effective use of student learning time whilst, at the same time, reducing overall course costs.

In designing our course programmes we went back to the drawing board and asked some fundamental questions. We wanted our Student-Associates to:

  • receive real-time or near-instant feedback on learning
  • receive fair and equitable methods of assessment continuously
  • receive sufficient practice time to master the various models, methods and techniques alongside core knowledge acquisition
  • make the most cost-effective use of their own time – the most critical resource
  • not have to invest time in the traditional ‘essay-style’ of assessment which we regards as a limited method in the 21st century world of learning
  • develop their critical thinking and data analytic skills whist deepening their appreciation for real-world application
  • enjoy the experience of learning whilst minimising individual stress
  • afford the appropriate course costs – we believe there is no equivalent in the market-place – see course fees
  • succeed with the appropriate qualification and experience a memorable graduation day

VaLBS evolved from leadership/management programmes designed and delivered through VaLUENTiS. Over time, we established an extensive research library and accumulated teaching experience. The International School of Human Capital Management (ISHCM) officially started in 2006 to deliver an equivalent Masters in Management course together with Diplomas and Certificates. Despite its success we felt its approach, in student experience terms, was still too traditional. VaLUENTiS Business School is the result with ISHCM being incorporated into the expanded school set-up.