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Strategic clarity & execution programme

Duration: 5 DaysEXED SC&E 18761016_m

Investment: £1995

Location: London, Pall Mall

Dates: March 2018;  July 2018


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In an ever-changing business environment that’s characterised by disruption and change, many organisations constantly face challenges over strategy and its translation into successful results. Most organisations possess some form of strategy but the question is how clear and relevant is it?

Strategic Clarity and Execution is a hands-on programme that delivers a high impact experience for managers whilst providing them with the latest tools, techniques and a practical framework for successfully executing strategy. This intense five-day programme utilises the SCE methodology and framework which connects grounded, underpinning theory with the use of Harvard organisation case studies employing our SCART methodology. Throughout the programme, you will be able to use the learned critical analysis and insight which can be applied through a 360° review exercise of your organisation’s current strategy.

The SC&E programme will provide you/your team with the requisite tools and a more adaptive approach to strategy execution that delivers better organisational performance. This can take many forms, from, for example, providing a robust reinforcement of your ‘strategy-in-force’ through to a possible re-appraisal of organisation capabilities and business processes and accompanying potential portfolio of change initiatives. Last but not least, the programme will increase your own personal critical thinking and strategic knowledge skills through evidence based analysis.


  • Enrich your knowledge and learning experience through case studies, exercises, group discussions, critical incident analogy and reflection
  • Analyse current organisational strategy issues
  • Identify strategic execution challenges and leave with a ‘baseplate’ action plan to implement on your return to the organisation
  • Real-world relevance – programme content is uniquely based on relevant research and case studies of successful companies effectively implementing strategy and overcoming challenges faced
  • Learn from leading faculty – internationally recognised as business experts
  • Takeaway a ‘working’ methodology and approach that can be used repeatedly


  • Using tools and frameworks that help deliver effective strategies
  • Analysing markets, consumers, competitors and the competitive process
  • Identifying what market your organisation ‘operates in’ and what it ‘delivers’
  • Identifying your organisation’s key capabilities and ‘capability holes’
  • Identifying the necessary skills for effective strategic management
  • Identifying your organisation’s development needs
  • Applying novel business models and non-conventional ideas to develop high performing strategies
  • Assessing the systemic nature of strategic interventions and the management of change
  • Developing a realistic business case and ensuring the delivery of intended outcomes?
  • Implementing ‘breakthrough’ strategies and creating ‘agendas for change’
  • Assessing the implications for the organisation’s stakeholders and their expectations by the proposed change?
  • Assessing how unexpected change may affect your industry


  • Access to the latest thought leadership on strategy execution together with an integrated strategy toolkit
  • Develop a customised execution plan to implement your strategic objectives
  • Insights into strategic thinking and associated techniques to address the questions that keep leaders awake at night
  • Creating a strategic decision-making ‘mindset’ when engaging in strategic discussions
  • The ability to contribute more effectively to strategy in your organisation
  • Improved skills to create, evaluate and implement breakthrough strategies
  • Strategic thinking that can help advance your career
  • Direct feedback on your organisation’s strategic issues
  • Return to work with relevant and applicable ideas, actions and thinking
  • Focus to re-think linkages between strategy, business processes and change programmes with tangible benefits
  • Greater appreciation of the big picture issues and how to address them effectively
  • Knowledge to validate and challenge strategy


Participants on the programme include:

  • Senior executives, including CEOs and board members responsible for strategy execution in organisations or who have responsibility for the delivery and implementation of strategic change projects and programmes
  • Managers from all functions, organisation sizes and industry types who have, or will have, involvement in strategic planning and implementation
  • Managers or general managers of a key area across a company or a business unit or part of the management team who are interested in understanding strategy and the challenges to successful execution
  • Managers from all functions, industry sectors and organisational size who are involved in strategy thinking and practice and who have, or will shortly have, P&L responsibility
  • Professionals managing projects that cut across different business units
  • Senior functional managers or  members of strategy teams

Please note: at the request of the faculty, we are unable to admit external management/HR consultants into the program at this time.

For any question relating to the programme please contact our admissions team on 0207 887 6108 or e-mail admissions@VaLBS.com.