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The entrepreneur ‘pioneer’ programme

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The VaLBS Entrepreneur ‘Pioneer’ Programme is an exciting new development for entrepreneurs and business owners either looking to create new ventures or develop existing ones. The aim of the Pioneer Programme is to provide participants with a real earthed view of new business planning and implementation in a lean timeframe to provide maximum return.

The Pioneer Programme is comprised of two back-to-back modules over two weeks – The Innovation Bootcamp and New Venture Development Bootcamp. Registering for both modules of the Pioneer Programme provides an immediate 15% discount on the required investment (from £3,990 down to £3,395 +VAT).

For those who are GrowthAccelerator members a grant of £2000 per person may be available to use to part fund this programme see GrowthAccelerator (http://www.ga.businessgrowthservice.greatbusiness.gov.uk/what-we-offer/leadership-and-management/).